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"Thank you for organizing a wonderful trip for us. Since it was the first holiday with my wife, it had to be special and I appreciate the effort undertaken by you to ensure the same.
In line with our discussions, following are my observations/feedback on the trip.

The cab provided for the transportation was very good. The driver, Mr. Babu, doubled up as our guide during the tour and made sure that we not just moved from one place to another but also explore. He has been very courteous and well informed. We would highly recommend his services.

This is a good hotel with a nice location. Since it is a big property, we could find good and variety of amenities available. The view of the sea in the evening was uninterrupted. We were allotted a good room with a nice pool view. 

a. The variety of food in the buffet is good and tasty.
b. The evening live shows were good add-on.
c. The beach is small but gives a good glimpse of the sea.
d. The hotel felt safe to stay

a. Traveler such as me would like the beaches to be big enough to walk around. This hotel has a tiny beach.
b. The air conditioning system was a bit noisy on the second day.
c. The hotel did not inform that the housekeeping staff would clean the room while we are away. As per them, this is a standard practice, but none of the other hotels that I have visited follow this.
d. We had to check-out by 8 AM and the same was conveyed to the reception so that the baggage could be moved to the lobby. However, the staff had to be told 3 times to do so. If only that the hotel had been in sync with the our mood and frame of mind.

Rating: 8 out of 10

It was a wonderful experience moving thru the backwaters of Kerala and the villages en route. 

a. The food was good
b. Staff was gentle
c. The cruise covered the itinerary 

a. Bedroom was not comfortable at all. 
b. The windows did not open since the hinges were broken. This made the room very hot during the day. 
c. Occasional smell of diesel could be felt in the bedroom. 
d. The mattress kept on slipping from the bed and was not comfortable. I had a back pain for the next 24 hrs. 
e. The entertainment system did not work and the nets were faulty.
f.  The water in the bathroom tap was dark in color, so we had to avoid using it.
g. Old houseboat with no roof top seating area.

Just an advise for Coco Houseboats, that if the staff can communicate with the guest and inform them on the details en route the ride, we would understand the place better. The staff in our case did not communicate.

Rating: 5 out of 10 (experience was good, but less rating for the quality of houseboat)

This was one of the most beautiful places I have been to. The resort is small (24 rooms) but the place is best to unwind and relax. 

a. The rooms were big and well furnished. We were allotted a room with the best view - a garden in front and then the backwaters. 
b. The variety of food in the buffet was limited to 6-7 dishes but the taste was very good.
c. Silent and serene environment


The real surprise came for us on the next day when we found a small snake in the bathroom. I managed to get it out of the place before calling in the hotel staff. They were not able to find the snake, however, promptly shifted us to another room just above.

Nonetheless, I would strongly recommend this resort.

Rating: 9 out of 10
Overall, I would really thank you for organizing a wonderful trip for us and making it a seamless experience. We would certainly look forward to associating with you in planning our next holiday.

Thanks once again!!”

-Mr. Abhishek Singh
Customized Kerala Tour, Feb 2013

"As promised, here is my feedback on the overall tour organization. 

To begin with, "a big thank you" from all of us for organizing this trip and making our experience a cherished one!  We had a fabulous  time out there and did not feel even for a split second that this whole thing has been arranged by someone sitting remotely. Appreciate the way you were flexible with our itinerary, patient to our demands and for your seamless co-ordination and follow-up! What more can one ask for!

Loved the "Blue Sea Hotel" and I would recommend this for any veggie tourist... this is perhaps the BEST place to dine at A&N! My mom (who doesn't eat outside quite often) loved this place too and i am happy that i could get her to a place where she throughly enjoyed her dining experience as well!

Havelock experience was quite ok, to be honest. The 'Holiday Inn' hotel was a good place to stay. However, the staff were not so flexible out there. The hotel doesn't have hot water and this could be troublesome for some people. The timings for dining were quite odd too (only from 8.30 to 9.30 PM) and one could not get any beverage (tea/coffee) too in the evenings.....

As already mentioned, complementary breakfast was hardly used at any place, as we had to leave at 5.30 AM everyday for sightseeing.....it would be great if the hotels are quite flexible about this and could arrange for some complementary food at early timings for tourists. 

Regarding the people who were co-ordinating with us, Shekar (who was co-ordinating at PortBlair) was excellent. He was extremely responsible and friendly and made us very comfortable throughout the tour. In contrary, Vidhan was quite ok, he was not proactive in following-up with us, we had to wait for him a couple of times for any updates on the itinerary. But he was not a disaster, so not to worry!

Our Baratang experience was great, but would have been even better, if we could have stuck to our itinerary of starting from PortBlair at 3.30 AM. Instead, we started at 6.30 AM, to end up having a literally hot, unpleasant experience. The reason given to us was that the driver had not filled fuel in his car, which i thought was quite lame. They could have changed the car or the driver but did not attempt either. 

Anyway, i hope you can work on some of the minor points i have mentioned. Overall, it was a great experience though! Thanks, again!!

Hoping to take a break with your tours again and i would certainly recommend you to my friends and relatives!!”

- SV Vanitha and Friends
Customized Andaman Islands Tour, March 2013

"Thank you for your good service. I'm very happy when I was in Ladakh. I will share our pictures in your facebook page as soon as possible. And will suggest you to my friend if they wanna go there.

Thank you very much.”

- Ms. Lin Ja
Customized Ladakh Tour, April 2013

"Sorry for my belated response.

We (my wife and self) had a wonderful holiday. Our stay at Oberoi Cecil was quite relaxing.

The stay at Span Resorts was awesome and truly "Value for Money".

Thanks to you in ensuring that we could get River facing Villa No 114 at Span Resorts. It does make a difference.

You took great pains in ensuring coordination with hotels, cars for the entire trip; you were coordinating to the minutest detail.

It was a pleasure interacting with you and we look forward to holidays in future in association with Take a Break Tours. Keep it up, Jayashree.”

- Mr. Rengarajan & Mrs. Srikala
Customized Himachal Tour,May 2013

"Thank you very much for the invoice.

Also let me again take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful holiday we had because of your beautiful planing and arrangements. We have cherished the trip and will look forward to having more of our holidays organised by you. Special commendation on the way you kept enquiring about us daily, and addressed our daily queries & requirements.  We thoroughly appreciated the hospitality you ensured.
Do let us know, as and when you keep expanding  your travel destination horizons.

We shall most certainly, in our little way in appreciation of your efforts, put our comments on Trip Advisor about your service levels.

All the best for your future.”

- Mr. Saunak Das Gupta
Customized Best of Kashmir Tour, June 2013

"Thank you so much, It is my great experience. I will go back to Leh sooner or later. Thank you indeed again,"

- Ms. Pat W
Customized Srinagar Ladakh Tour, June 2013

"I've only gotten time now to sit down, and thank you for booking my tickets at the end moment that enabled me to make it in time for my wife's premature delivery!

I'd also like to thank you for the excellent trip arrangement and an itinerary that was perfectly set from a traveller's perspective and very much unlike the crammed in, clueless itineraries that the tour companies usually put forth.

That apart, i'd also like to enquire if i'm eligible for a refund, having cut my trip short by 3 days. Do let me know if there's any refund as applicable, as i wouldn't want to let the unused leg go wasted.

Thanks again and looking forward to your kind reply!”

- Mr. Prmod Bafna,
Manali Ladakh Road Trip(Fixed Group Departure): June 2013

"We all reach home place safely.
We really like all tour  arrangments to much. We enjoy lot  & doesnt face any problem during the tour.
We will always kept in mind all memories of the tour.

Thanks for all co-operation.”

- Mr. Rahul Dethe,
Customized Srinagar Ladakh Tour, July 2013

"Thanks for arranging a wonderful tour for us and being patient with our cancellations and modifications.

We really had a good time in Ladakh; everyone associated with Take a Break Tours was very kind to us and helpful. It's definitely our first choice if we think about planning a travel in north.

We really had a good time in Ladakh; everyone associated with = Take a Break Tours was very kind to us and helpful. It's definitely our first = choice if we think about planning a travel in = north.

Thanks for giving us a pleasant = experience.”

- Mr. Girish Chandwadkar,
Customized Chandigarh Ladakh Road Trip with Birding, Aug 2013

"It was great. All the arrangement were better than expected. No regrets anywhere. Ringzin and Stanzin were very helpful. All your suggestions were very good.
Only a slight feedback at Nimo where the breakfast in the package was limited that can be ignored...:)
Thanks a ton. Will refer my friends and relatives.

Thanks a lot again.”

- Mr. Neeraj Khaitan,
Customized Srinagar Ladakh Chandigarh Tour,Aug 2013

"We all wanted to thank you with all our heart for the kind of care that was taken while we were in Ladakh and Srinagar. All arrangements from pick-ups n drops to accommodation and food were extremely satisfying. Even when we were stuck in land slides utmost care was taken to get us back home safely.

I would like specially mention the driver Tenzin, Stenzin and Jigmed- our contact in ladakh and Maqsoodji in Srinagar who ensured we had a great and comfortable time during our travel.

And to you Jayashree who checked and followed up with me all through the booking and the trip. It just shows how much you value your customers.

Would like to thank you and your team for all the love and care given to us during the trip.

Cheers and here's for many more to come”

- Ms. Aditi Patkar and Friends,
Customized Ladakh Kashmir Tour, Aug 2013

"We haven't received the balance receipts for the tour. Not even in spam. Kindly send them again. Also, please find below, detailed feedback for the tour. The numbers in brackets are ratings.

Transportation (5/5):
Rigzin was probably the best driver we have ever had. Very honest, sincere and a fun person in general. Very well-versed with roads around the area. Excellent driver as well. He could drive safely and quickly even after long and hectic journeys. Very comfortable with his driving skills. I would totally recommend using his services for future tours as well. The car was in great shape and condition and did not give us trouble at all. Overall a very comfortable experience on the road.

Sonamarg - Hotel Glacier Heights (4.5/5):
Very scenic hotel. Moderately luxurious and cozy. Polite and helpful staff. They offered us an extra room instead of 2 extra beds as a complimentary gesture. The food had good variety and was of decent quality. 

Leh - Gangba Guesthouse (4/5):
The Gangba guesthouse was a small but cozy place to stay. Run entirely by the owners, it made for a very hospitable environment. Although, the place suffered from power outages and erratic wifi connection. The food could have had more variety. Also, it would have been great if they could provide us lunch on demand. We had to go all the way to the Leh-market for lunch after the cycling trip because the guesthouse did not provide lunch to guests. 

Diksit - Olthang Hotel (3/5):
The experience at the Olthang Hotel wasn't upto our expectations. The staff was a little high-handed at times. Sometimes even borderline rude. Not very hospitable. The rooms were comfortable and cozy but the food had less variety and wasnt of the best quality. They refused to serve us more breakfast claiming that 'it was over'. I would suggest you rethink future tours staying here. 

Khardungla - Cycling Excursion (4.5/5):
The cycling excursion was delayed by half an hour and we had to wait at K-Top in the uncomfortable cold for that time. But after that, the tour proceeded very smoothly. The cycles were in good condition and well serviced. The escort vehicle and staff were helpful and allowed us to have a memorable and exhilarating ride down to Leh. Overall a decent experience.

Pangong - Watermark Deluxe Camps (5/5):
Out of all the places we stayed at, Watermark was one which gave us the best service and experience. Even with limited resources at disposal, they provided decent food (quality and variety) and comfortable/cozy tents. They were very flexible in terms of food preparation and made variety of dishes as per our request. Polite and helpful staff. They gave us helpful tips to make our stay more comfortable. They treated us with utmost hospitality and went out of their way to provide us with the best experience. Good facilities with respect to a campsite.

Tsomoriri - Tsomoriri Resorts and Camps (4/5):
The experience at Tsomoriri was decent. Although the service wasnt as great as Pangong, but was still upto the mark. The food was nice. The rooms were comfortable and cozy. The staff was polite but a little high-handed at times. 

Overall Tour Management (4.5/5):
The tour was managed excellently by Stanzin. Very flexible and open to changes. All information was conveyed to us efficiently. Permits were secured correctly and there were no hassles. Although he should have anticipated the roadblock at Chushul and changed the itinerary respectively. Because of the roadblock, it took us 14 hours to reach Tsomoriri from Pangong and we reached after dark. I would suggest that future tours using the Chushul route should have prior information regarding the status of the route. Stanzin was polite and helpful in all respects. Lastly Jayashree, it was a great experience to work with you. Even after we changed the itinerary multiple times, overanalysed each situation and called you for the smallest of issues, you helped us plan a very successful trip and hassle-free trip. I would totally recommend Take A Break Tours to family and friends. The planning and execution was done smoothly. Giving us the best experience was the top priority for you. 

Finally, I'd like to thank you on behalf of everyone for a wonderful vacation and an enriching experience. We couldn't have asked for anything better. Thanks a lot. :) Do let us know if there are any exciting tours in future that we might be interested.”

- Mr. Shrey Jain,
Customized Srinagar Ladakh Srinagar, Sept 2013

"We enjoyed the tour and we are quite pleased with the service we got from you and your team over Leh and certainly would recommend others too. You may find some of our captured moments in the following link. 



Thank you & regards"
- Mr. Suman & Family,
Customized Best of Ladakh Tour, Oct 2013

"Thank you for your email.  I just realized that I never replied to it.  Thank you for taking into consideration the issues I had and for taking steps to give your customers a very positive experience.  I'm sure they will appreciate having a list of reliable shops to visit.

Aside from this matter, I have to compliment you on your services and for giving us such a wonderful travel experience.  My daughter and I thouroughly enjoyed our tour and you were very attentive in calling us throughout the trip and inquiring about our welfare.  I have shared my travel experience with my friends and one of them has asked for your contact information for her son.  I'll be giving it to her and I think they plan to get in touch with you soon.  I don't know if they are planning for Jaipur and Udaipur, but if they want to tour Udaipur, I highly recommend both our guide and driver there.  They were very courteous, trustworthy and respectful people.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year and all the best.”

- Ms.Vibha Srinivas,
Customized Rajasthan Tour, Oct 2013

"Thanks again for arranging our stay. Overall we're very happy with the experience. Here is some feedback:

- Both hotels were great. Rooms were nice and clean, staff was friendly and could speak English very well. Great experience.

- Both drivers were very kind, but there were some confusions. The driver in Amritsar couldn't speak English very well and he could only give minimal information about the plans for the days. One good example is when we drove to the border to see the Flag Ceremony. The driver suggested that we would stop along the way for some chai. So we did, thinking that time would not be an issue. When we later arrived at the border, we were too late and missed half of it. If the driver would have been capable of informing us about the time, we would have decided to skip the chai. 

- The driver to Mcleodganj was a very helpful and friendly guy, but he couldn't speak or understand any English at all. We still had a great time, both happily chatting away in our own language, but we were probably both speaking about completely different things! :p

- The sights covered were good. I have the feeling we maximised our stay in both cities and that we have seen all the highlights. 

Until next time! :) ”

- Ms. Martine Spaans,
Customized Amritsar Dharamsala Tour, Nov 2013

"I am really sorry for late reply.. Din't check my mails for a long time.

All of us had a wonderful time. Everything went out  smoothly n we had a safe trip.Our driver Mr .Parminder  Singh was really very kind and caring to us.

Hope to plan a trip soon with you.”

- Ms. Anuja Bhuta,
Customized Chandigarh Amritsar Himachal Tour, Nov 2013

"Thank you for your e-mail and to inform you that we had hassle free , wonderful tour. All hotels were great and luxurious particularly Norwood at Palampur is super luxurious as well most beautiful. Vehicale was available through out our journey with any trouble

I will send you few photos very soon. No doubt that I definitely recommend you name to my friends and relatives who intend to visit for north India tour."

- Mr.Haresh S. Sanghavi,
Customized Amritsar Himachal Tour, Feb 2014

"Hi this is Gitika , wife of Sumeet Daga , we had so far planned two trips from u with the help of our friend Ganesh. I would like to write a testimonial as a thank u gesture for the beautiful memories we have because of you.

" We had planned two customised trips through Jayshree one in Feb 2013 Kerala for 12 days( our honeymoon trip) and Second in Feb 2014 Andaman for 7 days (gifted to a friend) . Both the trip plans were super excellent with personalised touch from Jayshree at each point.Planning the trip also was easy and less time consuming as Jayshree gave us right choices as per our budget and taste for stay and we just had to select our preferred one. The itinerary for visit and recreation was also planned keeping in mind our preferences and best places to visit and were not much exhaustive like in most other tour planning.  The driver was one of the best he guided us well. And for anything else though not needed but in case Jayshree was just a phone call away.

And the trip planned for our friends, a honeymoon couple, was also super excellent they loved it.

Thank u Jayshree for the most wonderful memories , looking forward to plan our second one soon...Thanks.”

- Ms. Gitika Gundecha Daga,
Customized Kerala Tour, Feb 2013 and Customzied Andaman Islands Tour, Feb 2014

“I got Jayashree’s reference from my friend who has been to Ladakh Trip planned by Take a Break Tours. Jayashree took care of all our needs and prepared trip itinerary as per our requirement. She was doing proper follow-up and always available to listen to you inputs. Her planning & coordination with local travel agent is very good. We have done two trips with her (Kashmir & Sikkim) and never had any issue with her or her local travel agent. Thanks a lot Jayashree for making our trips memorable.”

- Mr.Amit Chandane,
Customized Kashmir Tour, April 2013; Customized Darjeeling Sikkim Tour, April 2014

"Thank you for your email.
Yes, we have reached home safely, thank you.
We had wonderful time in Ladakh, all places are so beautiful, and we like there very much.
I will post pictures on facebook where you can share with us.
One of my friend , he is a photographer, he took one picture at Pangon Lake
at night with the stars all over the sky, it is very beautiful. Will show you.

Thank you and Best wishes to you too.

Have a nice weekend.”

- Ms. Sumetee Chai,
Customized Delhi Agra Srinagar Ladakh Tour, June 2014

“If you ever want to travel to Kashmir - Leh and soak in the beauty of the mountains, valleys, gorges, cliffs, brooks, streams, rivers, lakes... and the amazing possibilities of trekking, camping, rafting... and be guided by the most wonderful and friendly people... I would recommend, nay almost force you to contact Take a Break Tours and speak to Jayashree, before you think of anything else. Her contacts: +919052172880 www.takeabreaktours.com http://www.facebook.com/takeabreaktours email : info@takeabreaktours.com Jayashree organized my 13 day customized trip to Kashmir and Leh so flawlessly that I have decided to make Take a Break Tours my holiday partner. She's responds promptly over phone / email, provides personalized plans based on your inputs, takes care of all arrangements in the best accomodations and is extremely flexible. The rates are very reasonable and if I may add, a great deal, when compared to the bigger tour organizers like Thomas Cook, Make my trip etc... Everything went as planned... and the changes which I made mid - way during the trip were also accomodated without charging me anything extra! What I simply loved was that she would be in touch with you and enquire after you almost every other day of your trip making sure that you are well taken care of... and of course you will have no complaints, but she will just make sure... A travel planner is like a chef.... it is your responsiblity to guide her in terms of what your expectations are.... and if you are sure of what you want... she will put together the best package for you! Jayashree is hard - working, trust-worthy, passionate, genuinely enjoys what she does... and is committed to ensuring that you have the best memories of your holiday!”

- Mr. Ramaswamy Balakrishnan,
Customized Kashmir Ladakh Tour, June 2014
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